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Meet the Summer 2020 Cohort at Supreme Incubator

In the midst of a pandemic when businesses and organisations are facing unprecedented challenges, entrepreneurs around the world continue to innovate and find solutions to problems.

This July, with the launch of our Summer 2020 Cohort — fully virtual, we are excited to introduce 12 inventive startups who have joined our 6 month incubation program to graduate with robust, scalable and fundable ventures through a hands-on curriculum and hyper-personalised support.

Here’s a list of the 12 startups:

1. Cognixa

On demand AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform — AI as a service.

2. Royal EnFashion

Virtual trial rooms where customers can try before buying products on real time basis.

3. Coffers

A C2C E-commerce marketplace where small businesses can create their online store with ease of service to connect with their customer

4. Hecod

A decentralized smart digital health online aggregator and software solution for small health institutions.

5. TalkEng

Revolutionising the process of learning any language, starting with English for the next million users in India.

6. Sodo

An online B2B2C hyper-local platform providing On Demand Assured Service Providers for Business and IT Services.

7. EasyMyLearning

An AI based skill enhancement platform for placements for engineering students.

8. Beyond Earth Exploration Technologies

AI enabled autonomous rovers for space exploration.

9. Hyoristic Innovations.

A budding space startup company that gives solutions to mitigate and remove space debris.

10. YoungFibre

An E-commerce aggregator channel for sustainable fashion brands.

11. Farmer007

Hyperlocal-village centric online learning platform, Village centric and village wise in local languages.

12. GreaseMonkey

Online booking application for bike servicing through registered service partners — standardised rates, with pick-up and drop facility.

We look forward to working alongside these inspiring startup founders to build strong, sustainable foundations and going through the rollercoaster journey of entrepreneurship, together!

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