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January Wrap Up!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Few insights from what took place in January for the Summer 2020 cohort!

Investor Roundtable: Mr. Siddhartha Bhattacharjee, 02 Jan 2021

2021 started with 2 Founders of our cohort pitching their start-ups to Mr. Siddhartha Bhattacharjee, . Cognixa is a deep tech start-up looking to fundraise and they had a quite a few key takeaways from this interaction. We also had Farmer007, an agri start-up discussing their seed rounds and pitch style with Mr. Bhattacharjee.

Pitching Roundtable: Mr. Amit Kumar, 09 Jan 2021

The success of our previous roundtable led us to organise a second one in less than 10 days. We had Mr. Amit Kumar, CEO OLX Autos, onboard the mentor panel. The roundtable had Coegii, two-wheeler servicing tech platform discussing their investor outreach model with Mr. Kumar; TalkEng, an edu-tech start up actively looking to fundraise and Coffers, a C2C marketplace, understanding their investment requirements in depth!

Investor Roundtable: Mrs. Visalakshmi Ray, 16th Jan 2021

Another Roundtable was with Ms. Visalakshmi Ray from Ankur Capital, an early stage Venture Capital fund. We had BigDipper, a space-tech start-up engaging in a very interesting conversation after their pitch. SoDo, a B2B marketplace start-up, pitched and gained insights on how to remodel their investor outreach plan better. Farmer007 went in for a second pitch and discussed potential investor reservations of their on-ground operations

The first fortnight had a lot of investor outreach and we ended the month with a Mentor session!

We had Mr. Akshay Garg, an AR/VR expert and a mentor in our network, speaking about the Metrics of Traction: How, Which and Why? The session was conducted for an hour and had an external audience apart from founders in our cohort. Akshay spoke about 5 key metrics for start-ups, common mistakes founders make and how to market one’s product better. He discussed 2 live cases and their traction metrics along with the challenges they faced. The session was extremely interactive and we have another Mentor session coming up soon!

The start-ups are now gearing up for the Final Demo Day as the Summer 2020 cohort is coming to end. We are in the process of onboarding start-ups for our upcoming cohort. Stay tuned for our highly eventful February wrap-up!

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